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Wizzley is an article writing platform which was launched in May 2011. Through Wizzley, authors can write original articles, earn an extra income through their work and participate in the active community. Article writing and blogging online has become very popular over the years and has given authors an online medium to share their ideas and stories.

Wizzley, besides being an article writing website, is also a revenue-sharing site where a percentage of ad revenue is shared with its authors through the Google AdSense program. As well, authors can earn income through other reputable affiliate programs like Amazon, Zazzle and AllPosters.

Wizzley has stringent rules and guidelines in terms of duplicate content. To be successful and remain in good standing with Wizzley, authors need to write original and unique content, avoid excessive advertising and write articles with a minimum of 400 words with correct grammar and spellings.

This article writing platform has various modules which allow authors to present their articles in a unique webpage form. For example, articles can be displayed with pictures, videos, polls, duels, Google maps, RSS feeds, and more. Some of the modules are described below:

Text Module: is probably the one you will use most often because, as the name of the module suggests, it is where you will write the content of your article. The Text Module incorporates an HTML editor to allow you to change the font, color, size, etc, of the text as well as insert appropriate hyperlinks and pictures.

Table of Contents Module: allows you to insert an automatic table of contents with links for easy navigation through the article page. This is a very useful module, especially if you are writing a long article. This module is flexible enough to allow you to choose which sections of the article you want to include or exclude from the table of contents.

YouTube Module: comes very handy if you are writing an article that requires visual instructions. This video module allows authors to embed YouTube videos into their Wizzley articles. Basically, you choose which YouTube video you wish to embed, and then copy and page the link into the module.

Poll Module: allows you to create interesting polls to engage your readers and gives them a way to provide their opinion on the particular subject. Polls are anonymous and can be placed anywhere on the article where you find it appropriate.

Duel Module: like the Poll Module, this module allows you to keep your readers engaged and provide their opinion in written form. The Duel Module is great when discussing a topic that requires a constructive debate. Essentially, this module has two sides (or columns) where each side debates their stance on the topic.

Link List Module: is a module that allows you to create a directory of hyperlinks along with a description. Sometimes in an article, the author needs to provide a list of books, songs, related articles, etc. This module helps present that list with convenient links of reference.

Money-Making Modules: allow you to use affiliate programs like Amazon, AllPosters and Zazzle to include appropriate products in your Wizzley article for which you will earn commissions. For example, if you're writing a book review, you can include the appropriate book from Amazon where the reader can click the link and buy the book.

Other Modules: there are several other article modules offered by Wizzley like Google Maps, Wikipedia, Blogger List, Flickr, RSS Feeds and others. The owners will be looking to incorporate eBay as well.

The above Wizzley modules can be structured in any sequence or order and can be moved around by simply dragging and dropping the appropriate module to the desired location.

Overall, what I like about the Wizzley article writing site is that it is easy to use and user-friendly. However, if you're new to writing platforms, you may have to go through a short learning curve. Having said so, the Wizzley community is helpful and you can use the forums to solicit feedback and help. If you have any questions regarding Wizzley, feel free to leave you comments below.

Source by Anthony Godinho

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