Python and R Courses for Data Science


Since Python and R are a must for today’s data scientists, continuous learning is paramount. Online courses are arguably the best and most flexible way to upskill throughout ones career. This list contains well-known courses that can assist anyone wanting to begin a general understanding of each language and their specialized applications.


1. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science



This course is suited to those with a non-major in computer science and even those with no programming experience. According to course description, Python is one of the languages you will gain familiarity with. While this is not directly related to Data Science in terms of statistics and visualization, the basic programming concepts are still important to learn.


2. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization



This is a more intermediate class by the University of Michigan. The specialization has 5 courses and takes you through them using Python. The course touches on subjects like statistics, machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis.


3. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python



This course is also suited for even a beginner in data science. It takes us through the basic concepts of AI such as the algorithmic foundations of AI, graph search algorithms, classification, optimization, reinforcement learning etc. According to the course website, this is free course as well with payment only needed for a verifiable certificate.


4. R Programming by John Hopkins University



This is more Intermediate class for someone who has used R before. It takes a more programming approach such as how to structure functions and loops in R. There is also use of statistics to be used as examples.


5. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra


This course will take you through using Linear Algebra for applications in the Life sciences sector. It is advised that a person taking this course to have prior knowledge of mathematics or statistics. R will be used as the language for learning and will tackle topics such as matrix operations and statistical inference.


6. Data Science: Productivity Tools



Although R is not your traditional programming language like Java or Python, it is still useful to learn the productivity tool to organize your code and how to use your IDE to write code faster and more efficient.

Here is the site containing all the online classes from Harvard for R programming.

Here is the site containing all the online classes from Harvard for Python Programming


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