Bum Marketing – What is It?

I signed up with an online marketing group called wealthy affiliate almost a year ago. I signed up because I was getting a flood of PPC questions over on digital point about PPC and wanted to try and solve the problem at the source. This post however is not about PPC, its actually about something called bum marketing.

What Is Bum Marketing

Simply put its marketing anything, a product, service or affiliate program, using methods that do not cost the marketer a Penny. I am mostly a PPC guy. I have used PPC for over 8 years, but with the recent slump in the economy makes it harder to pick up clients, and more clients want to spend less, or they are having a hard time closing sales. So I decided to to look into SEO.

I found out that i have a major resource of information that i have been paying for anyway. The information is from wealthy affiliate. This site is not dedicated to bum marketing, but more affiliate marketing as a whole, but as you can imagine many beginner Internet marketers do not have the funds to dump into PPC, or even web hosting for SEO reasons. So they came up with bum marketing.

Why Bum Marketing?

I have become slightly fascinated with this method of marketing lately. To learn and test the methods being thought I implemented some of my own bum marketing sites, and guess what… It really works. Not only for my PPC teaching, but I have also been making a small side income using these methods from CPA affiliate programs.

I am no SEO or bum marketing guru, but i have been learning a lot, and since I love to teach and educate others I think I will start adding bum marketing information onto this site. Not only that but I will start applying what i have been learning to this blog as well.

This blog will always be dedicated to my thoughts, education and things I enjoy sharing, I just hope to put in more posts to this blog and hopefully even increase its traffic…

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