Awesome Machine Learning and AI Courses

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Awesome Machine Learning and AI Courses – KDnuggets



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“I have a #machinelearning #joke, but it is not performing as well on a new audience” – a selection of the nerdy self-referential computer #humor @ylecun @hacklavya @memosisland @dbredesen @pauljmey @AmeyKUMAR1 @micheleveldsman @olimould @burkov

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  1. Awesome Machine Learning and AI Courses – KDnuggets
  2. Why You Should Get Google’s New Machine Learning Certificate – KDnuggets
  3. A Tour of End-to-End Machine Learning Platforms – KDnuggets
  4. Want to become a #DataAnalyst, #DataScientist or #DataEngineer? Learn #SQL, and other insights from ~9K job postings
  5. Left for Dead, R #rstats Surges Again
  6. Demystifying #hypothesis testing with simple #Python examples
  7. Here’s how I Learned Just Enough #Programming for #DataScience
  8. Linear algebra and optimization and #MachineLearning: A textbook #KDN
  9. The #TIOBE index of #programming language popularity:
    1. C
    2. Java
    3. #Python
    4. C++
    5. C#
    6. Visual Basic
    7. #Javascript
    8. R #rstats amazing jump in popularity to number 8
    9. PHP
    10. #SQL
  10. The final post in this three-part series covering a step-by-step review of statistical survival analysis with examples to follow.

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